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“Who is Alfred Bunnings?” Janet Pears murmured. “I've seen nothing like this before”. Jones overheard and approached Janets desk. He squinted at Janets monitor. “What’s happening?” Jones enquired. Janet stood up and began to pace. “The networks breached. We need to find Alfred Bunnings”.

Laptop on lap. A minimal setup with desktop enviorment KDE and operating system Debian. Two browser windows. Terminal. Pithos. On the left - Jupyter Notebook. The right was split with documation. Terminal in the background. A tmux session was running. Split windows. The Jupyter Notebook Kernel. Running on port 80. Motion. To capture video from the camera. Pithos. A desktop client for Pandora Radio. Played The Streets. Stay Positive.

The sign read SPIKE INFOSEC. Alfred stretched his neck. Squinting he could see the peak. Manually pushed open the doors. Three security guards and a metal detector. “Stop there” a guard ordered. “Identification and reason for visit”. Alfred flashed his identification at the guard. “Job interview with Janet Pears”. The guard pressed a key. “Down the hall. Second right on the left”. Afred thanked the guards and continued down the white hallway. He reached the second right turn. The colour scheme changed. Colours filled the room. Characters and Landscapes. Naples yellow. For skin. Winsor Red. For hair. Colbolt blue. For background.

Alfred reached main foylor. Desks with computers scatted the area. One woman sat typing. The foylar was plainer than the hallway. Art was less frequent. “Hello there” Janet spoke from behind a monitor. “You must be Alfred. Take a seat”.

Today was Alfreds final day. He was finally moving on. As he approached the doors they opened automatically. The guards identical to the original. Underneath was just metal and wires though. They scanned his identifion and Alfred continued. The colour scheme was the same but the visuals redesigned. An annual event. Alfred was awarded with the task of redesigning during his third year. The design started with sketches in a notebook. Alfred reached the foyler.

“Todays special” Janet spoke from behind a monitor. “I was thinking about your interview”. Janet hadn't aged a day since Alfred had meet her. “Good morning Janet” Alfred spoke. “Time for a coffee?”. Janet stood up from her desk. She had been working on a logo and graphic. Spike InfoSec was the text. A character to the right. It’s tail weaved between the text.