Sitting and reading. My leg shaked. I considered sending her a txt, sorry for the shaking. It’s not you, it’s me. That might look silly if I didn’t shake. A message from her. She’s here but I’m not where I am spose to be. I thought I gave her clear instructions. Is she a piecies? She appears. I do a indian-like shake of the head. Indian on the outside. White on the inside. She sits down on the chair next to me. Two books in her hand and phone. Unlike my data centre in a bag setup. She asks what I’m reading. The Martians Chronicles. The Martian Chronicles. Science fiction. Not for her. She reads only romance and erotica. Church was never an option. Try to fit in. The small talk sucks. I think they hate me. I’m not sure if that’s true. Sometimes it feels like my brain isn’t wired correctly. Everyone else is fine. I’m not. Constient selfdout. When we departed ways we waved. I should of asked if to come hangout. To chill. She’s tired. I can look after her kids well she sleeps. They safe as. Able to give support in dealing with her children. Attentence is often an issue. What to do. What does it do. She hits me with a big question when we sit down to eat. Who are you going to vote for? That’s a loaded question. Whatever I do she is going to judge me. If I don’t answer. If I answer. I’m really not sure what to do. GOing to just carry on. Not sure if I am welcome at her sons production or not. I message her but she doesn’t reply. I’m suprised she even answered my friend request. Since then she has only interacted with me twice. Likely thinks im weird. Shes weird though. Believing in a afterlife. I just want to write a novel now. That’s the best thing that I can do. A romance. Fiction accounts of my Tinder experiences. Need more dates with these girls. Some day getting 12 girls interested in me. Sometimes they even even message me first. It works awesome. I still think that the lunch date went ok. We meet at the library. Went to resuront and had lunch and a non alcholical drink. She got ginger beer. I got apple juice. I ordered the roast vege salad. She got the lamb salad. I should of asked for them to remove the potaoes. It was no bother. I just picked around it. She finished her food quickly and ate everything. After the meal we paid for our own food and left. We went to the Tauranga Art Gallery. We went to a private art gallery. I walked to her car. I left and read. Read the book she gave me. The Red. Drawing on the digital setup. Raspberry Pi. Mechnical keyboard. I like the way the keyboard clicks. its very loud and you wreally know that you haave pressed the keys. It sits on your lap and I can click away. This is not going to be a science fiction novel. This is going to be a romance. It follows several single people and their experiences on Tinder. Mystery. Thriller. Romance. Erotica. Checking to see if the settings can be changed. Doesn’t seem like it.going to keep typing aray. Not sure what the point is to lighting up a keyboard. So you can play in the dark. Her red rimmed glasses. All she wants to do is read and eat. I can assist in that. She no longer should work. Going to see how much writing I can get down. Go on writing retreats. Subway eats. Uber driver delivery of goods. Able to order stuff from the supermarket. Delieved to your workplace or home. ok lets see how this goes. Got the monitor up on the bed and can just type with it here. Quite cool really. It’s an excellent size. Able to write a novel well the rain pours down. It’s going to be a sexy romance. She needs to be the one that edits it. not sure what to do next. lying in the bed on my side. porn kills love. lawl. i think this is. his right hand wrapped around his cock.

omg that’s gross. we can’t have that in the book. it would not be suitable. who says what is suitable and not in the novel. Now that setup at a desk able to get much more done. Feels so much better to be able to sit at a desk. No longer is my back sore. Switched chairs also. The monitor is too low. I could lift it up. ok that is better. increased the monitor so it’s much higher. No need to look down now. Can look straight ahead. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. Everything is going to be ok. Let’s just keep going like nothing happened. “No, no, no” she said. “Come on lets see how this is going”. See how it goes with her. I want a relationship though. I don’t want a one night stand. Her children are both a blessing and a curse. She could be traveling with me if she didn’t have the children. Move on. Find someone similar. Reader. Introvert. Weirdo. Social Awkward. Not Down To Fuck. She unmatched herself from him after their first date. No reply to messages. Pretend that he doesn’t exist. See what he does. Keep an eye on him. It’s a bit of mindgames. After all thats why her first husband left her. Let’s not talk about him. We have a novel to write. Let’s see how much of the novel can be created in a day. Need to write 50,000 words in the month. This is going to test and see if I can get more. There is no reason why I can’t write the 1667 words a day most days. Need to form more book and writers groups. When the connection is down it makes it much harder to write code. Writing fiction is much different. All is needed is a screen and keyboard. FocusWriter is the preference text editor. Going to check on to make sure that the keyboard is well suited for typing. Going to type all day long. Have a pedel that used for pause. program it to do a range of things. go back 15 seconds if touch multi times. A mouse is useful to have especially for webbrowsing and day to day tasks. Sometimes it’s nice to take hands off keyboard. Lets see how much more of this we can get written. I miss her. Only meeting her once. It was a awkward meeting. I enjoyed it but I was depressed after leaving her. Should of walked to her car. Want to hangout? I just want to read. Hang out. Sit in silence. Read. Now and then look up at each other. Smile. Look back to the book. Going to just write some more. It’s a nice afternoon to write. Man go through quite a bit of meds. Oh but as long as happy. Keep the kitchen clean. That’s the main task. Writing is important. Must do it often. Write more code. When there is none left. Lets get some more done. All out of the nice green. Can check the hot water cubard. There is a little bit of it drying in there. Very nice to smoke. there arn’t nothing going to happen. Got friendzoned. Even then, treated like a exboyfriend. Exiled. Didn’t even get to hold her hand. it’s a super cold morning. fingers are freezing. toes are cold. A shower would help. the pressure on the shower is decent now. going to keep writing see what happens next. Need to get more words written every day. Quite bad at only writing a very minimal amount of words. Need to get more done in the morning. Before everything else happens. This keyboard is excellent for typing on. Going to get lots of words done on it. Need to get up to the minimal word count. Once the word count has been made everything will be ok. Need to start ordering passport for trip to Tauranga. Still have not heard from her. Would like to talk to her. Need to talk to her before. All the bad things we did together. For awhile it seemed to be working fine. Can’t get too attached to certain ones. They think you are weird and ignore you. That’s what happens everytime. Everything went wrong. Will recover and get over it. Plenty of fish in the ocean. Just about plucking out the one that is meant for you. Keep fishing. The world will know. Just got to keep doing what you do. Need to write an email to writers group letting them know that I won’t be back for sometime. Moved out of the area. No longer easy to attend. Need to travel to attend. Only travel for a few reasons. Don’t speak. You and me. Everyday just blues into one day. This is going to be a long time. Moved the desk over so looking out over the driveway. Can see the new white footpath. About to make the wordcount for the current day. Behind on words though. Goes down smooth. Her pink cheeks. Takes my load in her mouth. Swallows with a wide smile. Going to keep working on some writing. This needs to be completed. Like the look of the font. Spread love like a feeling. The diseases that that girl carried was horrific. Majority of the time she was infected with some contagious disease. It was usually spread with unprotected sex.

Walked into the party like you were walking into a yard. Watch yourself. All the girls think they are going to be your partner. Go so far on the first date that she started to turn down the requests. Request limit reached. Try with a new auth key. Able to log in finally. Not sure where this novel is going but whatever happens is going to be awesome. Going to type lots and lots of words and get a new record. She needs a name. Currently the main female character does not have a name. Refered to in third person. As she, her (single). They, them (couple). She wore red framed glasses. Pink cheeks. Her favorite color is gray. Able to make her laugh. Red grays or blue grays. Shade of grays. Color is a safe subject. It’s like Grandmother. Safe subjects. Weather. Art. No matter your views art always connects. Some of it is terrible. Blah blah blah. This is going to be. You can rock it. You can suck it. Going to keep going and get the rest of this written down.

Cape Town origin. Her homecity.

It was very unusual for those that leave to return. Too dangerous. They would become a target in South Africa.

Working on her sleep data. ‘fucking’ is a column. The document is in standard JSON format. Read issues list. Do what you do to data. Static website posts for entries. How many blowjobs in the last year?

Got to keep going with this typing. Not sure where to go next.

We needed a second date. The first went ok. Nothing went wrong. Nothing went great. Got to get over it and keep producing content. That’s all that really matters at the end of the day. The content created. Just put it up there. So important to update the blog with artwork all the time. Aim for miniminal once a week. Use to do it everyday or 2nd day. Do more projects. Enviorment of the week. Create concept art post. Reference. Pencil sketch designs, line final, grayscale final, color layer. Currently manually update the blog. The images need to be saved into galleries, year, month, day folder. They are exported as filename.xcf filename-line, filename-grayscale, filename-color. Don’t care about that. I don’t know what that is.

If we were meant to be we would of been by now. Let’s see how this gets going. Once the fire is out everything will be ok. Going to ghet over her. Still talk to her. At least once a week. I’m not going to make a mistake with the typing going to type with my eyes closed. can get much more written like this. it is very nice to hear the keys in the keybvoard clicking. Can type alot of words every hour. Going to imagine what it would be like to be her. Not going to write this from her perspective. It’s going to be from the male perspecifve but told in third person. Its a love story but it’s awkward and shows the issues with mental health when it comes to relationships. Wants to go with her. Hangout. Read. Meet her kids. Do her dishes. Clean the kitchen. Sleep in her bed. Eat her pussy. He’s a keeper. Just get him writing software. Become a manager. Team that managers. Monthy board meetings. Those can be annual. Going to try to make it to admin meetings now and then. Need to get going to a local book club. Type the same shit over and over. Not sure if this will end up in the novel but it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that a novel is written and published. The only way to write a novel is to write short stories all the time. Write for a cause. I write to take my stories to my local writers group. Here I share the work and get feedback. I am known for short, cutdown sentences. It can be overdone though. I am working on improving the length of my sentences. Any feedback is very helpful. Saved a backup. Have been terrible at publishing code. Need to get a artctrl-tech repo setup.

It doesn’t help when you are a cronic lyer. Sometimes you don’t mean it. You say you have several of something. Convert to another currency. Not sure when I will get new glasses but when I do it will be good as current glasses are not good for me. End up closing an eye. I know I’m doing this but it doesn’t matter as I can see better. Or I can focus better. I really don’t know. I don’t do this if my glasses are off. Fuck forgot to save. That was silly of me. Lots a few 100 words or so. That really makes a difference. Not sure where this will go tonight. Need to finish the novel. Once I finish it everything will be ok.

Where are you?

“Fuck You”.

“You’re just some racist”.

You’re so vain, You prob think this line is about you. I bet you think this line is about you. Don’t you.

swipper: a novel. Writen in November 2017 as part of Nanowrimo. Romance thriller. two strangers meet on a dating app. reflections and recolections of their relationship.

Become a Uber driver. Currently looking for Uber drivers in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch.

How did the date go. It was awkward.