Busy day today in Wellington. Opened up GIMP this evening and did one digital painting. This was from RedditGetsDrawn.   Smmt5sJ I noticed this photo in the morning, I did a quick check of RedditGetsDrawn and noticed this images straight away. It's a full figure, and an interesting background with the trees and ground. Certainly something I can work with. The skin tones aren't washed out either - there is a range to work with.  redddits-line Line. I had a weird body posistion curled up in bed for this. The lines are rougher than usual. There is more line, even unnecessary line.redddits-bwGrayscale. Focused on the character with the gray rather than the background. Struggled with elements of the character - the hands especially. Happy with the tones in the facial area. redddits-colbw Color. Used a new purple for the 'white' areas. This looks fine when mixed with a range of tones. I tried the purple for the hair as well but it didn't look correct so switched to an orange. Suits it better. For the jacket a red was used, no tones though. In the background - green for the floor and blue for the sky. wainuippl-line This was a demo I did for Michelwainuippl-bw wainuippl-color