Starbucks View Painting

After finishing that previous painting I had to start another. I choose to work from life (something I rarely do with digital) and paint the view in front of me. Here goes STAR-line (Large) Two woman chatting in the corner. Captured then quickly without worry for detail. Focus was taken for the perspective and scale of the scene. I like how I've worked my laptop into the painting and painted the painting. STAR-tone (Large) Grayscale tone. Again like the previous painting I've been working with a range of tones scatted about the work. Sometime I pick the tone, but other times I'm just pick a random number on the slider. It's important to have a range though. STAR-color (Large) Color. I never finished this color layer. For the color I looked at what colors were there and went with that. The walls were a red so I used my usual red. For the yellow around the edge I color picked a new yellow. There is something satasfiying about Starbuck View