Hello. As you can see this site has been used for bbc news spam. This was a python script that i created. Basically what the script did was fetch json object with the module requests - and convert it to a dict with the module json. This was written inside ipython notebook. Each request made choose a random number - between 0 and 13. This decided on which category to choose from - world, uk, tech, education and so on. Something to add to this would be for it not to choose the same option twice, but instead cycle through all 13 choices. After this the data is then sorted and saved - as a file containing html.  This file had the title, summery , and image. The data wasn't alot, ideally i would like to work with the whole article content - not just the summery. View the ipython notebook - bbcnews. In my next post ill post the script that uploads this file as a blog post