A5 levin

When I went down to Levin I brought myself a a5 spiral bound visual diary and HB pencil. A craft knife was also needed to sharpen the pencil. I filled the visual diary up with drawings from GetsDrawn, my imagination and software development ideas. The locations of the drawings is Levin, Whanganui and Hamilton. Enjoy the pencil on white a5 paper -wpid-20150103_195253.jpg I stayed the night at a holiday motel in Whanganui and this view was just a walk down the road. It was a beautiful day and I sketched this of the landscape. wpid-20150103_195512.jpg Street light pole and lantern. Clouds in the distance. Shurb to the right. wpid-20150103_195543.jpg View from a chair in Whanganui gardens. Spiked fence behind with shurb on the ground. Capturing some ground below the chair. wpid-20150103_195530.jpg Pillars on the walkway leading into a bar. wpid-20150103_195701.jpg Back in Hamilton - useless artwork in Garden Place. wpid-20150103_195713.jpg Another Hamilton view. This time from an cafe looking out into the street. Trees, buildings, shurb, ground. wpid-20150103_195403.jpg GetsDrawn portrait - this one is of PotatoesandPancakes. Landscape behind the portrait. wpid-20150103_195355.jpg A pencil portrait of Autrel wpid-20150103_195339.jpg Portrait of two people - Tjame5 wpid-20150103_195621.jpg Portrait of my 7 month cousin. As she sat on the grass I sat oposite her and drew. It was different to working with the older ones. I can still comment. wpid-20150103_195609.jpg Another portrait - this time more focused on capturing that portrait. Spiky finger though! wpid-20150103_195800.jpgGetsDrawn image directory. I thought to add a meta file that has the photo/user data from Reddit. wpid-20150103_195648.jpg Imagination. Wanted to get back into developing some of my other sites which nothing much is happening with. wpid-20150103_195313.jpg Dino on the right. Landscape. Small portrait above - shading happening. wpid-20150103_195416.jpg A portrait from imagination. wpid-20150103_195439.jpg Another portrait from imagion, but this time a landscape behind it. wpid-20150103_195454.jpg Focusing just on the landscape and the types of marks I can make. wpid-20150103_195556.jpg Started as a flower, turned into a dino. Clouds, landmass, water. Shaded the piece, it just needs colour!