Adventure Drawn

Back in the library today to write a blog post. I'll see how I feel after and hopefully get some code done also. Here are two more digital paintings I completed before I left Hamilton: raniff-line Raniff line layer. In the reference the girl is holding a piece of paper that has a drawing of her on it.  Instead of a drawing of her on the line layer I added the GetsDrawn title and a landscape. raniff-bw Grayscale tonal layer. Since the reference was a blonde I used light on the hair and medium on the skin. Landmass in the distance is dark, with a medium sky and light water. uroboros74-bw Grayscale tonal Uroborus74 layer. Sorry I didn't include the line layer. It's sitting on my desktop computer in Hamilton. For this the request was to be drawn like a character from the television show Adventure Time.uroboros74-color   Colour layer. Yellow is used for the skin and red for the hair. Blue for the shirt and sky. The landmass - a dark yellow and red. Aqua for the water.