akl child draw

Here are some recent traditional drawings. It's been awhile since I have updated so this is somewhat of a bulk post. 20140926_163958   This was drawn at Fairfield Community Centre. I have been really enjoying drawing spikes. Those sharp edges, getting them to look good.   20140926_164008   Dolly drew this colorful character. I love the level of detail. Eyes with eyeballs, a mouth, hair, top (shaped beautifully). Arms. Though the left arm is very fat! Both arms are interesting and different. The fingers count to 5 on the right hand. Left hand has four fingers. 20141003_155835   I sat at the Queen Street, Auckland Burger Fuel store with my sister and drew this. We ordered 'The Bastard' and shared it. Clouds and burgers were a focus. I copied logo and text from Burger Fuel.   20141004_120520     This was drawn at Overload in Auckland. I used Horse Ninja postcard as reference.   20141013_115449   Coloured Pencil and ink. Blue colored pencil and yellow and green ink. 20141013_115456   Close up of the character. 20141014_105534   Texture of colored pencil. Sitting on the concrete outside and making markings. 20141014_105545   Amazing marks from the kids. 20141015_152517     Plant in a tree, with a landscape at the bottom. Similar to the landscapes I draw.   20141015_152654   Started with the robot and grew. Houses in the landscape, along with wild forests.   20141015_152706   I did a drawing of Dollys tree inside a bubble. The brick wall at the base. I was drawing straight lines and not making them rugged. I was told this was wrong and that I should do it more ruged, like the original. I obeyed (and agreed). 20141015_152718   Great shapes. We thought it was a snake at first but later relized there may be some rivers and boats happening. How exciting!