I have been free from iso for the past few weeks. It's been nice to see family and begin to get settled.

Here is some recent artwork - mostly from the last week. A mixture of redditgetsdrawn and friends portraits


A portrait of Rani. Had a date with her in Hamilton. We had bubble tea and dumplings. It was fun meeting her, but I won't see her again.


A portrait of sugar-fairy from rgd. I liked drawing the braids in her hair.


A portrait of lostpatromess from rgd. In the background I decided to draw a landscape.


A portrait of Rania. Her head is on the side. In the background is a doorframe. We chatted lots during my time in iso. Have had good food, bubble tea, and beach trips with her. A good friend.


A portrait of lolla183 from rgd. Her forehead is cut off. In the background is a landscape.


A portrait of mihsnguen from rgd. She is looking over her shoulder. There was a landscape in the reference image so I was able to add it to this.


A landscape with a robot holding one leg up.


A landscape with character with thick arms.