Alcemy Landscape

Now for something completely different. I was inspired by PixelTuners video that I watched earlier this week  decided to open Alchemy (was happily surprised to find it on the desktop). The focus was create interesting landscapes from imagination  Later I would like to take these into GIMP and develop them further - maybe use them as brushes and such. I've recorded a video of the process but also included images. Enjoy The bottom left is working well, I like the cut up transparency look. Looks like mountains in the distance! Flat but the colors are interesting. I especially enjoy the yellow and red reaction with one another. Attempt to get some perspective into the work. The black scaling off into the distance looks like figures. Not sure how I feel about the left - the large blob of black feels out of place. Earier version with no blue. I like the sharp directional shapes that are being created. Some interesting shapes here. But most of all I enjoy the colors. Surrounded by blue. I used the black in the foreground in order to give the image some depth. One of my favorites. And finally - the video: