alibear autumnwolf landscapes

I'm back in Hamilton so back into digital painting. During my trip away I wrote code and drew in a notebook. It's been great to get back into the digital painting. I've created two words so far:alibear-line   This girl wanted turned into an Elf. I drew the giant ear she is wearing into her face. In the background, a landscape. No clouds in the sky, instead just a sun with messy spikes. Water is below. alibear-color Grayscale tonal layer. Light skintones. Light water and sun. Medium background with dark landmass. The rightside landmass is textured nicely. I had done a colour layer for this but saved over it with the grayscale. It's at home and I don't have access to it now. I'll see how I go updating this post later. Other option is to not worry about it. autumnwolfmoon89-line The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is in the middle. Two people huddled around him. Horizon line down the bottom third. Similar block shapes being built up to the previous painting. These are larger and more square like than the usual spiky landmass. autumnwolfmoon89-bw Grayscale. Keeping it simple and not worrying about detail - just capturing those lights and darks. Her face in partical is simple - the nose and mouth has been left out. Only two eyes stare out. Light for the skintones and dark for the clothing and hair. Light for the water and medium for the sky. Instead of going with small clouds, the sky is split with areas of zig zags. autumnwolfmoon89-color Colour. Yellow for skin, red for hair and dark areas of clothing. Much of the clothing areas have been left alone. Blue for the sky, with a dark blue for darker areas of the sky. Green for the water.