Awake nice and early this morning. I decided to get a painting out of the wait straight away. I spent yesterday working with Unity - taking both my 3d and 2d artwork into the engine. It made me want to build something in a day - maybe for game jam where I make make everything from scratch - pencil sketch - digital painting - 3d blender - then finally unity. I think it will be a good challenge  Often I just recycle my old art assets. This will be especially helpful for the 3d. Here's the painting - The photo reference. I took this photo several days ago in Levin. It's a alleyway I often walk down. I'm happy with the photo, and photos I'm happy with are more likely to be turned into art. Here's the art: ALLY-COLORBURST-LIN Line was minimal on this. Perhaps too minimal. I get better line if I mix reference together. Working with one reference isn't enough. I added in a couple of characters to give the scene something more, and to show some scale. ALLY-COLORBURST-LINE Tone to flesh the piece out. Usual techniques applied - started with the figures in dark and worked off there giving a range of tone to the piece. The vegetation looks strange. I didn't use proper reference for it. Maybe I should of refereed back to some sketch book works? ALLY-COLORBURST-COLORColor. I had fun mixing the blue, red and yellow together. This was mainly on the vegataion areas - they parts that I felt were weak.