anna new color sample

Now for something completely different. I've been using the same color in GIMP forever. It's been over 6 months with not much change in color. I need to practice with a wider range of colors. Here's my  attempt at increasing my palette and exploring color. My friend Cathryn once sampled colors from photographs and created paintings from it. She used beautiful fruit and such. I went with cooked food, not so beautiful. The reference I used was roasted veges and eggs. Both are stock images that I took myself. You can go check out the rest of the food photos of eggs and veges. Anyway, onto the painting, even though it's only one layer: annanewcolorSo no line or gray scale in this. It was purely a color exercise.The yellow samples I picked were exciting. Yellow has got to be a favorite of mine. The darker version of it looks rather green! From the roast photo I got some interesting browns... something I don't normally use. I also picked up a blue from the plate - the dark version is ok, but I made a lighter version of it - which is horrible. Too bright. As you can see I painted a figure with the new sampled colors - for the reference I used a digital painting that I was open in Blender. The post including the reference is here. I certainly found this exercise fun to do - I need to do more fun exercises like this rather than just the same process everyday. I took photos at the Rose Garden today - I must use the photos in a similar way. And to end the post, here's the video of the painting: [youtube] Stay cool honey bun.