It's been sometime since I have updated this blog. For several months the site was down. I wrote code, I didn't really do much artwork. I think that has to change, so here is my attempt to my art blog running again. I've decided to not use the wp-content path for artwork and instead use galleries. Don't worry - all the artwork that was in wp-content is still there. This only applies for future works.

I even wrote a script to help me create blog posts. It takes the images in a folder and creates a Markdown file out of them. It also creates a year/month/day folder structure folder for the gallery. This is the same as I use for my GetsDrawn site.

Anyway, here is a collection of digital paintings. Majority are from reference images on GetsDrawn. Enjoy -



I have never draw the 'head mod' of RedditGetsDrawn but here it is. I was banned again for this.


Jem ###

It's rare that I do a remix of someone elses work. When I was at The Learning Connexion I remixed Cathrins work. This hasn't continued. I found this Wellington Artist Jem and traced over her sketch. Similar process that I would do with my envrioment drawings, line layer to trace the pencil, followed by grayscale and colour layers.



This is a painting of my Friend Kirsty. They are wonderful and always let me stay at their place in Auckland. I enjoy going to tech conferences and they are often held in Auckland, so this is quite often.

The reference was a beautiful photo of her taken on her 30th birthday. So you could say this was a birthday present for her! Happy 30th Kirsty :D