Happy New Year! First post to the year. This selection of digital painting was mostly created at KiwiCon9. It was held in Wellington back in Decembers. It was the first time I attended and was a great experience. I went with my Raspberry Pi and Wacom drawing tablet. People were interested in it, from what I saw I was the only one walking around with a portable Raspberry Pi - and definitely the only one with a Wacom Drawing Tablet.

Here we go. As always I will talk about each piece above:


Aussy Military. They had someone talk about the aus military and how it relates to security.


Fear and Loathing on your Desk: BadUSB, and what you should do about it. Robery Fisk talked about the dangers of usb devices. I was lucky enough to meet Fisk the night before his talk at the VIP/speakers party.

I had meet one of his work mates at DevMob the week before and hanged out with her during KiwiCon9.


An older work of sketching Raspberry Pi ideas.


Cyber Viking Cafe. Colour version. Not much words, mostly drawings of creatures and landscape.


The black and white version of Cyber Viking Cafe image. The colour version always help define areas in the work.


Digital Painting from GetsDrawn of IsWhat.


Selection of days back in November of painting - mostly novel based sketches.


Keynote notes from KiwiCon. They had an event of the NSA swooping in and arressting the speaker who was talking about xkeyscore.


Thursday after morning tea. Kate Pearce did a talk - stuff I mostly didn't understand.

Wayne did a talk about red teaming which I found very entertaining and informative. It was one of my favorite talks of the conference.


More notes on Waynes red teaming talk. The more interesting the talk is, the more notes I write.



Kiwicon 9. CyberWar. Theate of War. Robotic sketches before the event started.


This was the result of leaving my Pi setup on a talk at the VIP/Speaker event at KiwiCon9. Had requests to change the colour to 'hot pink'. Several people had a go with the Wacom Drawing tablet. Gives me a break from it!

That's a decent post for the start of the year. It is my goal this year to keep this site more up to date with my artwork. I have the Raspberry Pi portable device that I can use to make digital painting wherever I go and write the blog posts using nano and then build the site with Nikola.