Auckland Characters

I've been taking photos. The majority of these have been landscape or street scene, but I have taken some photos of people. You can check out my new stock photography website - FreshFigure. For this painting I used several of my photographs and painted characters. I normally paint enviorments so it's always refreshing to paint characters. Here goes:   akl-char-line   Line. The four figures are all the same height with the two portraits slightly wider than the figures. I especilly enjoyed doing the line on portrait with the tongue out - it's very unusal and nothing like a normal portrait. Yay for differences. akl-char-tone Grayscale tone. I focused on skin and hair - missing the legs on the left two figures. I went in with the middle gray and just covered areas before going in with dark to the hair areas. I used a light gray in certain areas of the skin to increase the contrast. akl-char-colColor. I dropped opacity to 30% and covered the skin with yellow. Next was red for the darks (just laying over that yellow). Finally I used two shades of blue for the back wall and a green for the floor. Here's the video: