Good morning. Another painting complete. I started this painting last night and finished it this morning. It works out well even if I just get the reference sorted, I can jump straight into it. Once I get started painting I generally don't stop till it's finished - unless I'm interpreted  and that's usually only by Dad. Here's the painting - wel-dark-ref Reference. Several of these drawings I have used previously but like yesterday I thought I'd redo them, something fresh. May help with the continued theme of subject manner. Plus I reakon I'm better now than ever before :P. On the left is a drawing I did during my trip to Auckland in July. It's in the Westfield mall. It was always one of my favorite drawings of the trip. Top left is a bridge drawing from Wellington Waterfront. The top right is the Auckland Railway. I did this several visits ago in Wellington, but happy with the drawing, and I always get decent digital paintings from it. This third reference is from Takaka - a drawing I did on the beach. I don't believe I've taken this digitally before but I have produced a acrylic painting using it as reference. I almost forgot about my last reference - a portrait I did of a friend - Hannah. This is in the far left. I was happy with the drawing but the portrait didn't work well in this painting. wel-dark-line Line. Simple really, I traced the reference. I didn't change the reference much, only little things like making the figures look larger than life and standing on rocks in the distance. wel-dark-toneGrayscale tone added. This is always the most fun stage, I love tone and building up those lights and darks. It brings the scene out of plain line into something that's real. Again I made the characters dark and light for the background. I used the same brush in this whole painting attempting to create a range of textures with it. I wanted to create a water type effect for the ground. I've been told the way to paint water is paint reflections. wel-dark-colorAnd finally color. My normal color trends here. I used the green for the sky area in the top left and for the water area on the ground. Something a little different, though I've used the green for water in the past. I wasn't scared to mix the colors together, mixing yellow and red for the figures. Overall I'm happy with this painting, time to get off the computer, take some photos and eat.