Basement Landscape

Since my move I've had room to paint. I never painted in my last flat, except for a little in my journal. I don't really consider this painting though - painting is working large on a board. Since I have the space I've setup  of paintings next to my computer I started with gouache. Then moved onto acrylic. Once I'm happy with the acrylic layer I'll lay down oils. All of these paintings have been recorded - I've only uploaded one to youtube... I'll do a voice over and upload the others at some point. I wasn't happy with this as a gouache but once I turned it to this: Extremely happy with this. I felt I was able to give it real depth to areas with tone. The brush `I used was resemble small. I brought it last year when I got my oil paints. The hair on it is thick so it can hold a decent amount of paint. Helps to mix multi tones onto the brush and flip the brush in order to get a different tone. Bit like the technique that Roger tea I was happier with the gouache painting then the previous. Maybe because it had stronger perspective. Acrylic paint added. I wasn't on the same flow as the first acrylic...  had lost my wind. I wouldn't say this ones bad... I just feel it isn;'t as strong as the previous. With some more time I can get it up to scratch. This was a bunch of portraits but I didn't like it so decided to turn it into a landscape. I've already started the landscape with the goache. It's a bit of a mess since its a mix of landscape and portraits.... the perspective isn't in there. I was hoping that acrylic would hellp... And the acrylic applied. It needs more areas defined. Currently there is too much empty areas. More layers to add depth would help. I'm using a larger brush then the other acrylic - helpful to cover areas quicklly. Working with a slightly smaller brush and adding more contrast to areas will help.