BBJ08 Bugs

The theme for BaconGameJam08 is Millions Of Them. An excellent theme. Very open and wide with an interesting keyword - millions. I was at my Mothers place when the them announced. I had a team (2 other programmers) but had problems commuacting with them so I gave up for the afternoon and just focused on helping Mother. I did talk to my sister about the theme. My first thought was bugs and beetle. Once I got home I started on digital painting of weird bugs. Next step is 3d. BBJ08-LINE-BUG2 Ideas for the bugs theme. Lots of bugsBBJ08-LINE-BUGLarge bug in the middle is the main. I love the headpiece attached to their head. I watched Bobs Burgers with my sister and drew several characters. These will likely not be turned into 3d models, rather focus on the more bug like characters.