Bellez Rat

Here's a digital painting  I did today of Bellez. I promised her a painting months ago of her rats. It's not the most dominating image of her Rat, it's something. It's been a long time since I've create a video for my digital painting - 3months! I used my old tablet, so looking forward to getting my new one back. I've returned it to MightyApe so it shouldn't be too far away. Until then, I'll keep painting, because it makes me happy. 316303_4694225475385_1219244501_n Reference photo of Bellez and Rat may-bellez-line Line layer drawn in GIMP may-bellez-bw Grayscale tonal layer. Three different brushes used. may-bellez-color Color layer. Normally don't use blue on figure, had to use a new blue for the sky, could of gone with yellow/reds. One brush type used. And finall, check out her blog - Probably Not Sane