Board Acrylic Takaka

I've been saying in the last few posts about posting my recent acrylic board paintings. Landscapes from when I returned from ChCh. I borrowed Joys camera and finally took some photos of them. I need to borrow this camera more often (or better yet - buy one!) and take more regular photos of my artwork - it builds up otherwise and it's an overload of images to upload. There are still works from the South Island that I have yet to post. This is 3 photos merged into one. This allowed me to create a extended view of the canvas - it's rather long. The acrylic paint I'm using is just cheap poster paint. It seems to work alright. The reference for this painting was a drawing at Collingwood. Another drawing to acrylic paint. This is a view in Takaka. This painting has had almost nothing added to it, keeping it true to the drawing. As I layer up color this may change. Cardboard. My fathers wife has a bunch of this cardboard, I used some for painting on. I don't really like the rough, grainy finish, but it holds the paint far better then brown paper. No reference for this, instead just making the shapes from imagination.