ca skl

Reference used. In total this is three drawings. The top left is a view from Levin North School, below is the same image rotated 180 degrees. This is scaled down as well. I wanted to attempt a reflection look. On the right - a scene I drew in Wellington. Line. It's been a few days since I've painted something I've liked. At this moment. I like this. Tone added. Again some detail is lost through the painting process  Certain areas blend into one another - especially the bush and sky. This can be fixed when color is added, My favorite area is the traffic light on the center right.Color. With color I was able to define certain areas that were getting mixed up with the gray scale tone. Blue for the sky, yellow for bush (and reflections) and red for objects (buildings/advertising box). This is very loose, I'd like it to be tighter. I'm not sure how I feel about these colors as well - I'm using mulitipy. I think I prefer the works that I paint over the gray scale normal with low opacity