Cafrins Mask Collaborative

I sent some of my artworks to Catherine to work on as a collaborative project. She recently made the blog post - William Mckee to show the work. Here's the result of her doings: I love the story telling elements that's in this piece. Two characters, the left one pull on the mask, when it comes out they are both wearing it. My work lacks this storytelling elements, so it's great to see Catherine work at this. All this needs is more development - maybe color and detail - especially to those characters. Background could be developed further as well - adding them into some sort of environment. Wonderful control over the line work, something I feel is weak in my work (normally I paint rather then draw with digital). That fine line work is something I need to work on - using my whole arm to create the line rather than just my wrist. I wish I had my tablet with me to work on this further, but I have to wait till I'm back in Levin. Two and a bit weeks till I return.