Chch CBD Park drawings

Here's some work from Christchurch. I spent just over a week there recently, staying at my friend Brookes place. She had a large flat with over 8 flatmates. It was a vegan flat so the food was delicious. Since getting back from there I've made the effect to cook better - not only is this making me feel better but I'm able to cook for others. Here is some drawings I did around Christchurch:   This is my favorite drawing from the CBD area. Most of the place is closed for public - fences around the area. You are still able to get a decent view of the place - idealy it would be great to get inside and draw in the no go zones. I'm not sure if you will be allowed. The place was in such rubble. This is the view from High Street, focusing on various signs and objects in my view.  Another view from the CBD. This is where the tram use to go though the cbd. This street reminded me much of Cuba Street in Wellington - with buskers, cafes, and people generally hanging out. It had a good vibe despite such destruction just meters away.    Same area as the first drawing - this was the first drawing I did when sitting, my warmup I guess. The perspective is looking decent but drawing this I quickly got bored - maybe the area or zoom wasn't working - I can't remember. But I moved on to the second, which captured more. Sketch at Jelly Park where I stayed. This was an attempt of drawing the pond. Me and Brooke had chips for lunch at the park - then she headed off. I stayed and drew. It's nice to sit and just draw by myself. Often I get a person talk to me, I'm often friendly and will show them my artwork and talk to them about drawing and art techniques. When you are doing something like drawing you are easy to approach.  This was a view from the park on the way home from Chch CBD. It's a long walk (over 2 hours), so I rested at a park bench and drew. Trees have became a large focus in my artwork and I'm enjoying the challenge of capturing something so different. These are all the drawings I did of environments in Chch. The views and such were certainly not as exciting as I had in Takaka. I enjoyed my visit though. I had a a5 sketchbook that I brought in Chch and filled with several drawings but lost it the day I walked into the CBD. I must of dropped it - I'll never see these drawings again.