ChCh Sketches Sketchbook

This is a selection of work from my Christchurch Sketchbook. I uploaded these works sometime ago but never posted all of them. It's helpful to have the images just sit in my server, wait for the day when I will use them in a post. These works are created with imagination and one from photo reference. My e-ticket. Copyed from my plane ticket for the flight from ChCh to Palmerston North. The rest of the page is figures and shapes created from imagination. The ideas were low-poly, cartoon characters.   This was drawn on the flight from ChCh to Palmy. The reference were fashion models from the Air New Zealand magazine. Sadly I didn't have a sharpener for my pencil and had to use colored pencil. With pencil I would of been able to focus on the detail, and tonal elements of the work. Testing my new colored pencils I got from the Drawing room. I'm not partially happy with these pencils - I'd rather something less grainy. The shoe on the left is mine. Shapes of character. Breaking it down into blocks. There are also some quick sketches of Brooke cooking dinner. Doodle everyday.