Colored Halfweek

I have been busy this week with pencil and colored pencil. Often its just drawing from imagination but a focus on landscapes and characters. Molding them together. On Friday I cutup brown paper into long stripes to use. Just like at art school! image Pencil on paper. One request was the sunflower (see right of 'William'). I love requests! Several characters are also created, then a landscape. Notes on the right regarding color. image Color pencil. I could not find a green pencil. I wanted to cover the landscape and maybe areas of ground with it. Instead I used browns, reds and blues. Purple lightning! image image   Oil pastel. This is a train track. Blue water is flooding the track. Character portrait on the left. Red house in the distance. It's raining blue.   image STOP GO sign request. Could not find red, went with green. Had to color background blue or would of felt incomplete. image Final landscape request. Started with a star. Houses include a fire-station (with pole!). Cheers, wcmckee