Concept Pencil Cuba 2

Part two of my Wellington drawing. These have just been sitting on the server so about time to post and show. All in pencil, drawn early September around Wellington.

Cuba Street. Including a tree that winds its way though the work. Trees are fun to draw. I especially like the one with just branches - much easier! When it comes to lots of leaves I've been just trying to capture the overall shape of the tree rather than focus on details. Left side of the page. This is another Cuba Street work - looking out towards the end of the street (Op side of Hells Pizza). Behind the street poles and security cameras you can see the council buildings. The most successful areas in the are the poles. The most successful areas is the bottom left Manners St sign. Cropping that area works.The right side - not so much. It's a mess and the lines aren't confident. I have nothing to work with.  Tree on Cuba Street. including some tone! These last few have been developed further to include some tonal areas - something I haven't done for awhile with street pencil works. I like this one. It's one of the few to include people. People always help scale - especially against that large tree. In the background to the right is an advertising stand Someone commented that they liked the Cuba reversed. But that's whats there. Here I've used some colored pencils that I picked up from the French Art Shop. I am have mixed views on these pencils - especially when it comes to the lack of detail in the line. It would be nice to have much finer detailed colored pencil that allowed me to create lines the same as HB pencil. I'm sure there is something out there.  Shops on Cuba Street. This is a mess. Especially on the right and the bottom left is lacking information. Good that I managed to capture a figure. I was sitting right in front of this sign. Takes up most of the page but helps scale from the shop front. In the background, a govt 'NO' sign.