Court Garden

I've decided to change my video settings to 1080 up from 720. The quality is worth it. I'm not partically happy with this painting but happy that I'm trying new things in GIMP - full screen and color palattes. The fuzziness is frustrating me, I need to go look at tutorials instead of making the same mistakes. I watched this video today. The other day as I was walking to my Mums place I did quick thumbnail sketches in my visual diary. I need to work with thumbnails more. I've used the program alchemy before - zzit was a few years ago now.  Watching this video has motivated me to re-install on my desktop - I only ever had it on my old mac laptop. Anyway, here's the painting I did today. Reference I started with. A mashup of drawings from Wellington and Levin. I decided to rotate the image on the right to give the image an interesting angle - in the past I've only scaled and mirrored. Line work. It was different working in 1080p - I had to stop the recording more often. It's not a problem as it gives me more break periods during the painting. This line work is ok, I think my favorite area is the sin on the top Tone added. Again my favorite area is the sign - the tone and contrast is working well. My least favorite area is the car in the center - it needs lights - or maybe more darks. The top right is a problem - I don't know what the hell is happening. Color. I used the palette option within GIMP for the first time. It seems easy to use. Pasting the colors on the page would be optimal as I don't like working with open windows - either that or a shortcut added to open/close the palette tab. I dropped the opacity down to 30% for the color - this allowed the gray to still have a effect on the work. I hate Sky.