Creature Modeling

Still no drawing. This must be the longest time I've taken a break from it for years. That's alright. I've been keeping busy with Blender - most of my time is spent on it (I did have play Brick Force a little today though!). Here's what I've been working with in Blender: A simple creature model. Bones have been added and attached to the mesh. It's animating fine! It was great to get into using bones in blender, the weight paint tool is especially handy for this. Red material was added to the model, but a UV map would be best. I got sick of working with that model so created this, it's the same idea but many more limbs. This one isn't animated so much - only small movements like legs and the spring on the top of the head moving up and down. Modeling practice. I'm not sure what this is - it's just been extruded, twisted and scaled. Maybe it could be a weapon of some sort? Large poly count in this one, I was working towards a face of some sort. Looks like horns. I've been enjoying Half Life.