Cuba Sunsets

I've been wanting to complete some digital paintings for days. I've been busy with other art related activities. I have so much work to sort though. Create a portfolio book and get it printed. So far it contains pencil portraits from 2008. Here's two paintings I did last night. Both in GIMP. The first - RedditGetsDrawn janeplace-line Brother and Sister portrait. Close to being a full body shot. Cut off at the knees! I did two drawings of these two. The first is in the center - cropped down. It's been awhile since I've used the Wacom Tablet (4 days I believe) so felt somewhat rusty. The facial area is especially messy. I could have been more gently. Oh well. Onto the tone. janeplace-tone And tone added. Range of brushes used. Messed up with the layers and painted over a line layer. Didn't realize this till later. Untitled2 (Large) Line layer. For this drawings I didn't use RedditGetsDrawn instead a photo I had taken on Cuba Street.  The figure in this drawing was a child that was running. He jumped in front of the camera yelling, 'Take a photo of me'.Untitled2-toneTone added. Somewhat simple and minimal feel. Layered up the figure with a range of tones.