Cuban Water

Woke up early this morning and got straight into painting. Finished off one I started last night. I've been happy with the direction that my paintings have taken recently. Here's the painting: waterfron-lvn-refFor the reference images I used two sketches merged together - both were drawn on Cuba Street, Wellington. I'm happy with both of these drawings and together they offer plenty of detail. waterfron-lvn-line Line. I traced over the reference material and added extra areas. Most notable is the water in the background - water has been a big in several of my recent paintings - something I'll like to keep developing. waterfron-lvn-tone Grayscale tone added. I started with the three figures on the middle right and filled them in with black before moving onto other areas in the painting - the ferret, vegetation and tree trunks. The lightest gray was used for the sky and water, with a mid and dark gray used for the dark areas of the water. A mix of light and medium grays for the building and objects in the foreground. waterfron-lvn-color Color.  I liked the minimal color I used in yesterdays piece . Today I managed to also color objects with a yellow - and a darker version of the yellow. These two colors work together well - I'll keep developing it. No reds, often I find the red to be over dominating.