DA DrawPlz - August

I jumped on DeviantArt tonight and worked though a few of the posts on DrawPlz with drawing requests. It was relaxing, and certainly captured me into the zone. These are quick, gestural, and nothing special. Mostly they are 'draw my OP' which is easy, because I get reference and I don't need to think, just paint. The reference was much more zoomed in, I went for a further zoom. I like the curves that I captured in the hair (dat black!). The shirt looks like it could use more work No reference. Post was 'Draw a person and/or a animal. I started with the character and added the horse character as a toy of some sort for the character. Background was a quick sketch of blues - but continued to explore the idea of vertical pillars. Draw a eye. Very quick. I started one before this but hit back on my tablet by mistake. I really should disable the button when I'm doing painting on DA - it's frustrating to lose the work - even if it's only 30 seconds. 'Draw in my style'. I looked though the artists gallery and choose a image to copy. I added the vertical pillars and the scale of the character is different. Final 'draw my op'. This was was more detailed then I drew it. I wish the DAMuro was better, it really is a rubbish piece of drawing software, being not much better than MS Paint. Larger sizes would be nice - 600-800 etc would be wonderful. There is also a lack of decent painting brushes, copy/paste, and thick to thin pressure sensitive. GIMP is best!