Digital Levin Start EOW Doodle

So no updates for over a week. I've been playing Diablo 3 during the the week. I finished it on normal as a Wizard and partway though Nightmare. I'm not hugely motivated to play it right now - likely a good thing as I can get more important tasks done like artwork. I enjoyed the playthough but Blizzard isn't the same anymore. I have a new tablet pen and a new place to stay - so it's a fresh start. I havn't done any digital painting since I lost my tablet pen so I was happy to get back into it. Thought I'd give Photoshop CS5 a blast since I have it on this laptop (though recent updates to GIMP are wonderful). One of my goals I wanted to do with digital painting this month is look though my life drawings I've done this past term and paint over digitally. I wanted to stick with the colors that I had been using in traditional media, experimenting with techniques and brushes. I'm happy with this work but need to practice further with the digital tablet. No background. All from imagination. Background added. Painted this last night.when watching Primer. I've seen Primer several times before but it's that type of film that I never get sick of. The EOW of the week over at is Orbital Refinery. I want to get into these activitys now that my tablet is functioning. I visit the site often for inspiration. A google for Refinery gave me some images that I worked from but nothing I'm happy with. I havn't go alot of plans this week so may work on this further.  More ideas for the EOW. Mostly just sketches or doodles. These arn't really going anywhere. Shapes! I used perspective heavily in my life drawing this last term so want to transfer this to the digital realm. And finally, just a bunch of quick sketches. Again from imagination. This was just used as a exercise to warm up into using the tablet again. That's all for now. Expect to see further digital works.