Digital Takaka Nudes

So I scanned in over 50 pages of sketchbook and uploaded it to my blogs server - and only done one post out of it yet. The easiest way to work though these posts will be on my Mums Mac where I can view the files on the local drive easy. I may head around to her place later today to get sorted with this. 50 pages is quite daunting in order and structure, but for now - have some digital paintings that I've been doing with some of the scanned pages. I want to work with my scanned sketchbooks more in GIMP so expect to see more of these works. I kept with the same color palette that I have been using in all digital painting recently. Everything is simply paint over so no obsevational skills were using - but it gave me good practice with using the tablet... especially those lines! The standing poses. I use to only focus on certain areas - over time I've wanted to develop full bodys. I'm not sure if I'll take these any further but rather just develop other drawings. Sitting poses. The box he was sitting on I colored a darker blue, though the backgrounds in all of these works are simple. With the bottom figure I was inspired by the recent red mask attached to characters - he didn't have a defined head so I just covered it in red. The top figure looks very much like James who I use to draw often at TLC

A life drawing that I didn't upload with the others, missed this during the upload. It's in fact the final drawing I did of the day. 
The most developed line work in this - though I wish the lines were thicker. Worked backwards somewhat with this - compleleing the blue background, then the yellow/red, lastly finishing up with the black line. The order doesn't really matter since I've been working with 3 layers in these works.
Escape the Sandstorm is the EOW - I've done some sketches that I need to scan in and paint over. Till next time, stay cool honey bun.