Dino Study

Two recent digital line works. Still keeping with the red that was recommended to me by pointclickjam. I've got pen drawings to upload also - from Hamilton 150th birthday and sitting at my desk. Enjoy these work works - spikdinoyz-line   Continued with the Ramparts theme in this piece with drawing of the walls, windows, and ocean. I added some land in the horozin line. A merge of humanold dino and monsters were drawn. I added a spiky dragon like tail. Insect type features are also present. dinomontag-line   One really neat trick with using KDE desktop environment is that I can make windows fully transparent. I normally keep window transparency to 80%. This makes it easy to see whats under my current window. My gimp is set to 80% opacity and in the background window is a google search for dinosaur skeletons. I'm not tracing but doing what I normally do and observe with reference. I worked quickly, getting down the shape for each dino. I wasn't really fussed with how good the line looked, and just focused on the shape. Some of the line doesn't look too bad.