Doodle Pixellovely Perspective

I've spent the majority of my time working on GIMP - digital painting. Mostly just doodles but  last night I did work from pixellovely. I've decided I like GIMP much more then Photoshop. It's friendly. Photoshop is just yuck. This is experimenting with shapes in perspective. During the term of life drawing I had an increasing interest in shapes after my time working in Blender (something I havn't worked on for a while.... I need to do more!). Taking these ideas into digital has been fun. I'll work on developing this further. Pixellovely sketches. I'm working with two minute timers on this. Again similar colors to what I've been doing in the past. I'll aim to spent a hour or so everyday working on these. Allows me to keep up with the figure works without attending life drawing classes. That's all for tonight. I've also started work on a painting - on a large long board. So far it's just in gouache but I'll develop it further with acrylic and oil paint. I don't have a photo of this currently but will take a photo tomorrow when there is decent light. Going to work on a collubrath painting with Andrew as well - have about 5 of these boards left.