Feng Zhu is a talented lad. His blog and Youtube channel are a wealth of information  In October last year he posted two paintings of remade video game shots. Classic, but certainly dated with graphics. He posted two paintings - DOTT and Monkey Island. To be honest, I haven't played them. I'm not a puzzle fan - I do enjoy Adventure games such as Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead, but as soon as puzzles are involved, I'm out. Feng Zhu also posted a video of a painting he did for the game - Flashback! Another classic game... [youtube] So being inspired by all these repainting of classic games I had to do one myself - for a game that one of my Twitter friends mentioned. Day of the Tentacle. tott I found a screenshot from the game during my search. It's still visible on my painting - at the top. I had just finished my new color palette painting and decided to pixel grab again. There are some colors here I'd like to use again - the orange and reds in the clock. The environment is washed out. all the color in the characters. The green and pink contrasts greatly but has potential - maybe use a  range of tones. Interesting purples with the walls. Here's the video: [youtube]