Email to my mentor

I got a new mentor. Here’s the email I sent her today explaining my plan and such for the year. You can read it too….   Hi Sophie. My cellphone is currently at my Mothers home in Levin… I will have it later back late next week. Best contact is via email. I check daily.  I’m useless with a cellphone. I’m really happy to be back at TLC… Roberts block this week. Over the holidays I focused on digital painting. Normally I draw and paint from a life model (pencil/color pencil/crayon/acrylic). This term I’m doing Life drawing on Monday with Dan and painting with Marc on Thursday. I life paint every 2nd Friday. On days I don’t go into TLC I’ve planned several exercises:

  • Sketchbook. I’ve used these for years and will continue doing so. Pencil, Colored Pencil, pen, watercolor. I like to get outside and draw from life – people, buildings, trees, anything I find interesting.
  • Website. Working on a new design. Continue with regular posting. Get some guest post/collaboration happening. Launch a programming blog in March (so need to work on the design for this)
  • Reddit SketchDaily. I’ve been doing this for the past month and a half and will keep it up
  • Environment of the Week – - I’ve never entered artwork – the standard is high. I plan to start working on the themes and upload paintings for it.
  • Video. Continue with recording of digital painting. Expand to oil painting. Commentary.
  • Programming. Currently working with Python, and learning C++. I see programming going hand to hand with art.
So that’s my plan for the year. Knowing myself, bound to change and evolve.
In terms of my artwork and getting it to you – my blog posts are the best stop – lets you see what I’m thinking behind the artwork. You can subscribe to my blog via email or RSS reader. I also upload to TLC Workroom but I don’t upload everything. I can also email you artwork if that’s best for you.
I’ve setup a digital worklog with Google Docs. Since you arn’t at TLC campus (my last mentor Lee was) a digital worklog will be easiest.
I’ll keep this regularly updated.
I think that’s everything for now. I’ll keep you updated.
-William Mckee