Erik Birthday Card

During my time in Auckland I met Erik, he's a independent game developer based in Auckland. Go check his website out. I notice it's his birthday today so made this painting for him, similar to what I use to do with my Facebook friends before deleting Facebook earlier last year. Anyway, I'll format this post like any other - first up line: erik-birthday-line For the reference I used Eriks twitter picture. I had a quick look around his site for any higher res images I could use but no such luck. It doesn't matter though - still looks like him! Around the portrait I included balloons and cake plus the type: Happy Birthday Erik. Of course this was hand rendered.erik-birthday-tone Tone added. I choose to cover his skin first with black before later bringing lights over it. I've been thinking lately about working from a darker background rather than white. I've done this in the past and been happy with the result - it makes it feel less scary than a blank white canvas. erik-birthday-colorAnd finally color. I kept with just three color - yellow for skin, red for objects and blue for the background. I decided not to color the hat because I think black hats are rather rand. Happy Birthday Erik - Hope you have a great day!