Fail First

Still no drawing or painting to upload despite making a return today to TLC. In the morning we watched slideshows and talked about life drawing. It was much the same as normal for  the class. Good to catch up with old faces and met new ones though! Gonna crash Marcy Marcs on Thursday. In the afternoon Dan modeled for the class (clothed). I felt horrible so went to the common room and played Half Life 2 and did a bit in Blender for the rest of the afternoon. Just wasn't the time. I'm hoping next week I can get into the flow - it was quite a depressing afternoon thinking - geeze, why don't I have the motivation to draw. Setups also the other. I didn't plan out to draw today. Here's a drawing I did in bed the other day.   This was all done in colored pencil. No reference, just sketching down ideas. I think this is really important. Too often I get trapped into using a reference and it's just nice and free to work out of my head. Especially using it as and exercise to get to sleep! The Robot inspired head I animated. I'd like to create a talking model in Blender - especially a robot like this one. I might take this idea into Blender tomorrow and explore. That's all for tonight. Goodnight.