File Infigment Bill thoughts

This year the New Zealand Govt passed  the file infigement bill. AKA 3strikes/skynet. Yesterday this bill went into effect, my torrenting has increased. Really need some new music anyway, getting sick my currently collection. I've been thinking about the reasons why I don't buy music/movies/games that often and choose download them instead. Torrent is cheap. Even with the data caps and expensive internet we have here in New Zealand, it's worth going over cap then buying a album/dvd. Certainly much cheaper then cinema. Prices are over priced. 35 dollars for a new realease. One album is around 100mbs in size. Internet is roughtly $1.50gig. Sure with a CD you get packaging/fancy disc, but really what you are buying is just data on a disk. Fuss is being made by companys over their data being shared by their customers. Business model must change. For too long they have stamped down on file sharing.  Have they thought that this might be benefit? Looking at other ways of generating revenue would be a great start. Advertising, clothing, paid content, streaming, tours, video games.... the list goes on... The only TV I watch is what I stream online or download via bittorrent. If I couldn't stream/torrent I wouldn't watch these shows. It's the same with music. If I can't download music and discover new music I'm not going to start going out and buying. I didn't really buy music as a kid much. Spice Girls, Hanson, Teen Spirit, Pokemon... are prob the only ones. With bittorrent you have easy access to a large range. It's not costing the record company anything, no server, it's done p2p. They talk about loss in profits because of bittorrent. Would of they made these sales? I certainly know I wouldn't be able to afford buying albums as regally as I download. I'm a good example of try before you buy (though I don't buy albums or dvds).  I find music from then using ishunt or Piratebay to download. Once you have me hooked on a band you have me for life. For example. I got really into the Beatles. I downloaded all of their music on bittorrent. I had thought about buying one of their albums after seeing a friends copy. It was quite cool casing. Never did though, and I never will. I did however go out and buy the beatles rock band. I'm wearing a beatles tshirt as well. Is that good enough for the record company? Just because I didn't buy 250 bucks worth of music (most of it is rubbish anyway) doesn't make me not want to support bands. Punishing me will only cause anger and way less likely for my to buy. Ease up. Don't sue potential customers. We already hate you.