Final Friday Term 1 2012

Ok, I've been sick recently so haven't put time into any of my blogs. I'm felling better and starting to do more digital works (I downloaded the trial of Photoshop to give it a go - it's been years). Here's some life drawings from a week ago - the final Friday of Dans. It was a most excellent session. One of the best of the term. Very happy with the results. The model was Russel. He's in his 50s and doesn't look like Jesus Gestural warmups. I'm never really happy with these but use them to get into the flow of the day. I guess they are helpful. 8b graphite stick was used. Stretch! This figure is totally elongated, but I love the effect. Pushing those limbs to the limit. I didn't mean to push it this far, but the effect works. Color! I have a bunch of watercolor pencils from 2010 that I have barely used - may as well put them to use. I love blue, especially that top one. The flesh tone is working well for the figure. I'll explore these colors further. Extreme foreshortening  Not a lot of information was present but I managed to capture the figure. I'm especially happy with the stomach area - certainly my strong point in drawing figure. I need to practice limbs further. This was a fav amongst other students. Gestural works - but focused on a small portrait to develop it further. The hand in the top right was a beauty and got positive comments from my tutor - Dan. I really love these colors - The blue and flesh tone contrast beautifully. Gestural. Exploring arms. It's a bit rubbish, needs more time. Biggest problem with the gestural works - wanting to take them further but not having the time. Working with wide screen paper - I've done this all term and the format has worked well for me. Here I've tried to emulate the This was my favorite for the day. The line is beautiful with the tone. Especially the upper leg. The hand has problems with anatomy. It's a shame I didn't finish the whole figure.