Friday Model – Geogette

Friday. Experimenting Drawing. Georgette modeled. I hadn’t drawn her since sometime last year. It certainly wasn’t the most progressive life drawing class… but it was fun to draw Georgette. I worked easel – brown paper – long strips. These strips fit on the board easily without folding areas over the board. I’ll keep working with this shape and explore where it leads… 15 min pose if I remember correctly.  Could be longer. foreshortening is exciting. It’s nothing to be scared of. Nothing is impossible to draw. Especially with life drawing – all the information is in front of you. I used an old watercolor pencil for the negative space. These are a lower quality then the excellent Derwent Colorsoft I use. Worth using them up this year as I don’t want to take them overseas when I leave. Chunck of graphite – 8b. I’ve had this since 2010 so it’s getting small. It’s a favorite for warmups. This isn’t a warmup – but I’m frustrated and not enjoying it. Why do some days life drawing works and others, fail. Similar to the earlier drawing. This has structure. foreshortening is a major element. I was able to create huge thighs compares to smaller arms in the background. Certainly creates depth within the artwork. A portrait. I like to keep up my portrait skills so when I have a life model I try to get a portrait done.   I like this. It might be my favorite of the day. It’s a shame I didn’t get more time to work on it. I would enjoy more longer standing poses but they are hard for the model to hold. Longer poses tend to be sitting or lying. Bunch of quick studies. Looking at shapes. In several I’ve added tone. This boosts them out of the page. Action and movement is easily captured with this method of drawing. Another page of studies. Plus a portrait thrown in there! One to note is in the middle (to the right of the white)  - the elbow is pointing out and hand wrapped around hip. This was a solid attempt of capturing the foreshorting with only line. And the final gestural page. By the end of the day I was tired and left early. Hanged out in Marcs class. It was nice to have a break from life drawing as I was reaching 14 hours this week. You can over do it and it’s important to not burn out.   Dan will have a model on Monday.Rumor has it – clothed model. I’m not sure if I will go or not. I’ll see how I’m feeling. Marc Hill on Thursday which I’m looking forward to! OILS