friday nite

Today was good. In the morning I visited Verne, giving him a hand with his computers. I need to write scripts in python to help him. Podcast, web scraping and text to mp3. At Noon we went to the centre where the homeschool kids were working with Blender. Lawrance was also there. I was out the back helping with the computer room for the afterschoolers. Teacher only day for Fairfield Intermediate so kids were hanging around everywhere. This is fine though as it's great to have them around and show them stuff on the computer. They act as good mentors for the younger ones also. We watched Frozen and played with the electronics kit. Tonight I was very busy on the computer at home and did a bunch of digital line works with RedditGetsDrawn Cheers, William june-up-line june-water-line june-butterfly-line june-cars-line june-chil-line june-cuzin-line june-dive-line june-hats-line june-hitner-line june-ideas-line june-pussy-line june-red-line june-rose-line june-sidez-line