Friday RedditGetsDrawn

Currently taking a break from the painting and watching a few videos on youtube. Attempting to write this blog post as well, though it's slow and I'm not that motivated for it. Talking about my frustrations about writing it may help me write it. Currently I'm watching: Spent the day yesterday on RedditGetsDrawn drawing as many photos. I aimed for twenty, but fell short. I've also watched a bunch of Here are the works:

Married Couple on boatXNSOmrDI choose to draw this as the photo was clear, there is an interesting background. The navy outfit cat tattoo were also bonuses.sat-navy-line (Large)

Line. The two figures in the center of the page. I've generally kept the same angle on all of these RedditGetsDrawn works. For the background I've kept it general the same with the trees being more spiky than the reference photo, I like these quick graffiti type movements. On the girls I made sure to include the cat tattoo.  Mum should get a tattoo of her Black Cat.  sat-navy (Large) Tone. Looking at this now I realized that I've left out the boats - I've included boat in other works and they are quick to create - just a dark horozontil flick. I made a clear contrast between the figures.

Woman on beach


Sorry, can't find the

SAT-GIRLBOAT-TONE (Large)Woman on a baloney

tLbpulF Why did I choose to paint this? Well for a start it's a full figure, the photo is not blurry. It could do with stronger tones, but at least it's not washed out. The balcony in the background gives me a base to work from. FRIDAY-WOMAN-LINE (Large)Woman on a baloney. I took some design liberty with this  FRIDAY-WOMAN (Large)Tone added. I love the background I created in this. I haven't worked with tiled floors before, it's a cool effect. Certainly extended the scene from what was happening in the reference photo.y6rDgXJFRIDAY-WEDDING-LINE (Large) This couple just got married and are out on a boat. This is the line FRIDAY-WEDDING-TONE (Large) friday-swag-line (Large) friday-swag-tone (Large) friday-snow-line (Large) friday-snow-tone (Large) friday-parkgirl-line (Large) friday-parkgirl-tone (Large) friday-cosplaygirl-line (Large)friday-cosplaygirl-tone (Large)FRIDAY-GUY-LINE (Large) FRIDAY-GUY-TONE (Large) friday-cosplaygirl-lineFRIDAY-CHILD-LINE (Large)FRIDAY-CHILD-TONE (Large)eFRIDAY-BACKPAT (Large) FRIDAY-BACKPAT-tone (Large) friday-brosis-line (Large)friday-brosis-tone (Large)