Grim Fandango

I need to update this blog more often. I have many artworks to get uploaded. Maybe I need someone to write for me? If you are interested in any writing positions, please email me. I also need a theme makeover. Maybe connect the three blogs together. What other sites could I create? Anyway, here is a painting I did before I left to Hamilton: GIMF-LINEAnother game related shot - this time Grim Fandango. I took some design liberty with this work and rearranged items - and leaving some characters out. Type is always fun to paint. Maybe I'll GIMF-BWTone. It's interesting looking at this and comparing it to the work I just completed - my tones have really improved since I've done this painting marathon. GIMF-COLORColor. I haven't been working with color, instead focusing on graysale tones. Once I return to color I believe my tones will be stronger. Anyway, I hope you like the painting. Till next time - adventure-8-tone Rock on.