Hastings Imagine Painting

Currently staying at a farm just out of Hastings. Slow on the digital painting, but getting plenty of Photography and Pencil Drawings done. Here's a digital painting I did from imagination. I had a kid observing me and giving me in instructions on what to add. marns-line (Large) I started with the figure, then added the floor. For the background I went with large circles as hills. I was told to add a cave into the mountains, this is visible on the left. There is a figure rising from the hill. marns-tone (Large)Tone added. Much of the detailed areas in the line version are removed. Added though, is tone and shape. marns-color (Large) Color. I explained how I use a restricted amount of colors - three here, and that I use a range of tones (3 usually) of the colors. This isn't finished, yellow could be added.