Hutt Envro Paint

Took a break from Unity today and worked on just digital painting. I also left the house and went for a trip to Upper Hutt. The view overlooking the Hutt was quite stunning. I got a friend to take some photos so I have some new reference for digital painting. These are all much the same as my recent digital works. Keeping with the single layer and 60% to 80% opacity. has been a big inspiration... I'm inspired to better my artwork because of the works I see on the site. Practice, practice, practice! Using the same colors and ideas throughout these paintings helps create a series and harmony. Feng Zhu suggests working on multiply paintings... so I do! My least favorite of the bunch. Might be the angle I don't like. But something about this I don't like. It's just not working. Here's a lapse of these digital paintings. No sound sorry. Some of the process of the paintings is missing, but the video shows the switching between paintings. I'm going to produce more of these videos - I'm just having trouble with file sizes and types. I'm using the software CamRecorder but it saves as .avi - making it useless to take into Windows Movie Editor (crappy I know, but it works for me). I'd like it if CamRecorder was able to save it as a compressed movie file that I was able to edit in Windows Movie maker. If anyone knows how to do this - please let me know. Tomorrow I'll be heading into Wellington for two days - I've been in the Hutt. I'm looking forward to heading back to Levin. The Hutt has been fun... but so cold. I'll try to get in some digital painting tomorrow... and maybe some sketches in my sketchbook I have taken some photos of recent sketchbook work and just need to upload to the blog. I havn't put up any traditial drawing works for ages so it's about time. I do like working digital though - it's fast, cheap, and not messy (not that working colored pencils is messy@)