Immigration Landscape

No digital painting today but yesterday I worked on two landscapes. I really enjoy doing these landscape works in GIMP, something different to the figure works. I limited my colors - keeping with just a yellow, red, and blue. Added white and black to everything. This was my first idea - from here I developed the same image with slight changes. This is how I started this out. Black background and working up white for the landscape. Like always - large flat brush. Varied brush strokes in order to create different textures. This is more important then with figures as these are build with abstract shapes.... important to define different elements.  Slight development here. Not a lot though. Here the colors have been worked up. I like to keep my palette limited... working on blending the colors up. And finally: Change with this - working with a blue background rather then grayscale. I had developed this further but I lost the data when I ripped my laptop out of the power today. Just shows how important it is to save regular