Janelle figure

This is my friend Janelle. She uploaded a nice picture with a sweet haircut that I had to paint. Normally I paint strangers on r/redditgetsdrawn but I haven't even been getting 'thanks' for my work on there so would rather paint people I know in real life as they may appreciate it. Reddit is horrible. I took awhile on this - checked the video recording at 1000mb and got distracted by the time. Once I had finished the painting the file size was sitting on 2.8gig - corrupted. This is the first time in months that I've had the file size go over 2gig, I guess I was really enjoying the painting. As always, focus was more on the background than the figure. I used two different reference images for the figure - the first for the portrait and 2nd for the figure. Background was completely imagination. june-jan-linejune-jan-bwjune-jan-color